Local Money Transfers are another new service that KREDIT is providing. With this new service, KREDIT can allow clients to be able to repay loans to KREDIT at any of our offices in our operational areas. KREDIT opens this service for the public; meaning the public can make money transfers to their relatives or business partners within our operating areas. With this service, KREDIT allows relatives or business partners of clients to quickly send and receive money with affordable fees and high security.
leave Advantages of Money Transfer Service:

arrow green Reduce risks when sending money through an individual or others.
arrow green Save time and budget.
arrow green High safety, convenient, and fast.
arrow green Reasonable service charge.
arrow green Easy to send money to your families and friends in various places.
arrow green Convenient in getting the information and filling in the forms.

leave KREDIT's Money Transfer Service:

Clients can come to make money transfer or to withdraw money at KREDIT's working hours.
arrow green Monday - Friday (from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm)

leave For Sender:

arrow green Contacts KREDIT's staffs at any KREDIT's office near you.
arrow green Fill information in the Money Transfer Receipt and verify information with KREDIT's staffs.
arrow green Inform the receiver about transfer information.
 leave For Receiver:

arrow green Go to the KREDIT's office that the sender informed.

arrow green Receiver must bring with Original Legal Identity (Identity Card, Passport, Family Record Book/Resident Book, Civil Servant, ID card, Driving License, Birth Certificate and phone number).

arrow green Provide information to KREDIT's staff for filling in Cash Withdrawal Receipt and verify the amount of money received from the KREDIT's staff.


KREDIT's Money Transfer Service charge:

Remittance AmountRemittance Fee (in Riel only)


≤ USD 1,000 or ≤ 4,000,000 KHR 4,000


> USD 1,000 or > 4,000,000 KHR 0.1% of the amount transferred

 KREDIT Microfinance Institution reserves all rights to modify the remittance fee if necessary with prior notices.

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