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Community Bank loan does not require physical collateral and is formed with a joint liability group of 2-6 people. They are then formed to act as a community bank. It aims to serve the poor, poorest, and vulnerable (the families of HIV/AIDS victims and the families of human trafficking victims) in the rural community who will use the loan for improving their household economy. This loan product is implemented through a special project of KREDIT called the Vulnerable Service Unit (VSU). The community bank leader is chosen by community bank credit officer in order to manage the community bank. The community bank loan size is in the range of KHR 100,000/ THB 1,000 to KHR 2,000,000/ THB 20,000, its loan term from 4 to 18 months, and its repayment method such as balloon payment, semi balloon payment and decline payment. Interest is calculated by using a declining balance repayment schedule.

         Product Type  Currency                    Loan Size

Loan Term


Interest Rate


GL-COMMUNITY BANK      KHR              100,000 – 2,500,000                    4 –12 / 18                1.5%
     THB                  1,000 - 20,000                    4‚Äč – 12 / 18                1.5%


Note: Besides the interest, client is required to pay some related fees.

For information, please contact 023 93 00 00 / 089 98 98 18

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