KREDIT shares benefits from this account to our partners, their staff, and also community. KREDIT will help the partners to deposit money with KREDIT such as staff's severance pay, etc. and give a reasonable interest rate. KREDIT will administer loans to our partner's staff at a very special rate. KREDIT has built such partnership with several NGOs for many years on a Partnership Saving Account.


TermsBalance    Interest Rate Per Annum   
     Minimum     Maximum
     Everyday     5$     3% of KREDIT Networth  5%

leave Complete Forms For Corporate Opening Saving Account

arrow green Corporate Customer Information Download | Sample

arrow green Create or Change of Join Account Information Download | Sample

arrow green Specimen Signature for Corporate Account Download | Sample

arrow green Corportate Customer Information Download

arrow green Specimen Signature For Corporate Account Download

Documents Requirement:

arrow green Board of Director Resolution or Authorized Letter for Opening Account

arrow green Or a copy of Article of Association (AOA)

arrow green Or a copy of Business Registration Certificate

arrow green Or a copy of Patent

arrow green And a copy of Legal ID with initial signature of authorizer in corporate account.

Note : KREDIT reserves all rights to change any conditions if necessary, However, the changes are effective for the new accounts or accounts reached the maturity date for renewal.

Saving Leaflet 01

Saving Leaflet 01