Parent Child Account is developed in order to serve the customer as parent or guardian having a regular legal income and aiming to get KREDIT to keep and manage cash deposited with KREDIT for their child or relative when their child or relative reaches age of 18 years. The Parent Child Account will be optionally attached with life insurance which is a value- added service to our depositors for their children You can join the program with ease and good features as below:
1 - Minimum balance is: USD5, KHR20,000 or THB200
2- Terms is accordance with child or relative’s age but maximum term must not exceed 18 years.
3- Available Currencies: USD, KHR, or THB
4- Interest rate:

Parent Child Account without life insurance

Annual interest rate
8.25% 7.25%     7.25%

Parent Child Account with life insurance

Annual interest rate
5.00% 4.00%     4.00%

When choosing Parent Child Account with life insurance and deposit balance is equal to 2,000USD,
8,000,000KHR, or 80,000THB or above, the insurance will be covered.

5- Required documents: To open the parent child account, some simple documents are needed: Identity Card or Passport or Family Record Book or Identity Card for Monk or other related equivalent document And child’s Birth Certificate.

You will be also provided with a Kid’s bag as gift for your lovely kid when open this account. Kid’s bag giving is limited! First come, first serve

Child Account Front 01

Child Account Front 01