Term Deposit Accounts is an account for which a clear deposit amount, interest rate, and deposit terms are agreed upon between KREDIT and a depositor. It is suitable for clients with a surplus of money and desire to gain high returns. With this type of account, KREDIT will provide a high rate of return. Clients can decide terms that fit to their future cash flow such as: 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. Longer terms yield higher interest rates. Also, KREDIT gives choices to clients to decide if they want interest accrued monthly or at the end of the maturity date.


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leave Complete Forms For Individual Opening Saving Account

arrow green Individual Customer Information Download | Sample

arrow green Term Deposit Account Download | Sample

arrow green Create or Change of Join Account Information Download | Sample

arrow green Corportate Customer Information Download

arrow green Specimen Signature For Corporate Account Download

Documents Requirement

One of Legal IDs Below:
arrow green Identity Card (in accordance with the law of the Card validity)
arrow green Passport (Valid Passport)
arrow green Family Record Book/Resident Book
arrow green Civil Servant ID Card
arrow green Driving License (valid license)
arrow green Birth Certificate
arrow green Staff ID Card (KREDIT's staff only)
arrow green Identity Card (Monk)

Note : KREDIT reserves all rights to change any conditions if necessary, However, the changes are effective for the new accounts or accounts reached the maturity date for renewal.

Saving Leaflet 01

Saving Leaflet 01