KREDIT creates Payroll Service to help save your time in preparing and managing your payroll for staff so that you can focus on your business operations. KREDIT’s payroll service generate many different benefits for your company, your organization and staff: 
1- Benefits
      For Company or organization:
            Can reduce cost on payroll preparation: staff and time;
            No minimum balanced required before effective day;
            Reduce errors in preparing payroll administration;
            Can get working capital loan up to $70,000 with good deals
            KREDIT can send our team to open the account for your staff to your office.

     For Staff: 

 Get ATM Card (K Card) for free;
 Can withdraw their salary through KREDIT’s office or ATM machines nationwide;
 Can get personal loan with ease up to 3 times of their salary with special interest, and NO COLLATERAL requirement;
 With K Card, they also can enjoy great discounts from KREDIT’s business partners nationwide by just presenting their K Card.

2- The service will be available with different options of currencies: KHR/USD/THB 
3- Service Fee

Staff number Fee charge per staff per transaction
< 50 staff 1,200 0.3 12
≥ 50 staff 800 0.20 8
≥ 200 staff 600 0.15 6

4- Conditions:
            Companies or NGO, and staff must have accounts with KREDIT
            Companies or NGO must send the staff’s list latest one day before the salary effective day

More convenient and cost-effective, with Payroll Service of KREDIT!

CONTACT US :  (855) 23 93 00 00/ 89 98 9818

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