Education Loan

oaYouth is back born of the country. To help them grow with quality; mainly education and skill, KREDIT under partnership with specialized partners creates education loan to help students; mainly those from poor families to have chance to continue their wanted higher degree or skill. Education Loan can be used for their tutorial fees and other related expense.



Loan Size

Term (months)

Monthly Interests


150 – 6,000

4 – 84

1.3% - 1.5%

*Principal grace period up to 54 months.
*Client is required to pay some related fees: CBC fee or loan fee if any

           Equal monthly payment
Note: Interest calculation is based on principal outstanding.

           Between 18 to 35 years old.
           Completed secondary school or, high school, studying at university
           Have high commitment in pursuing education
           ID card, passport, family book, residential book, or birth certificate
           Collateral or Non-Collateral requirement
           Employment document (For employee)
           Employment contract (required)
           Confirmation of latest 3 months base salary or pay-slip of latest 3 months base salary (required)
           Staff card (option) 

 CONTACT US :  (855) 89 98 98 18

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