KREDIT, one of the leading Cambodian Microfinance Institutions has recently received Data Quality Award from Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC). The award was granted to respond to KREDIT’s commitment in providing the high quality/accurate, on time, and completed data to the CBC.


At KREDIT, we believe that data is key to daily business decision making and trust building with business partners as well as our regulators. Additionally, KREDIT perceives the application of social transparency, country economy improvement, over-indebtedness prevention, regulatory compliance, etc so KREDIT has joint with the CBC since the beginning. With this believe and intention, KREDIT takes it seriously and has invested a lot of efforts and resources in taking care of the data. We have clear policy and procedure with data management--- clear identification on types of information needed, procedure to collect, responsible staff to collect, to encode, to store, to disseminate the data and also strategies to mitigate data leakage. Also KREDIT sets one of its core values is transparency.

As far as data quality and accuracy is concern, this-time award is not the first time for KREDIT. KREDIT has been recognized and granted awards by many other national and international agencies, including 2 times Awards from CGAP on High Level Compliance with International Standard for Financial Report, Seal of Pricing Transparency from MFTransparency.org on pricing transparency, Awards from the Mix Market as being Socially Transparent and Responsible MFI, and lastly in 2016, KREDIT received Client Protection Principles Certificate from SMART Campaign showing that we have applied all of its 7 principles (2 of 7 principles are privacy data of clients and transparency of pricing).

It should be highlighted that with about 25 years of experience in the financial business, as of Nov 2012, with a total asset of USD206 million, KREDIT is managing borrowing accounts of 82,923 with outstanding about USD174 million, saving accounts of 63,771 with value of saving USD92 million in 20/25 provinces, using 83 offices with some 1,600 staff.

KREDIT, supporting you to grow!