07 Sep 2017 – KREDIT microfinance institution arranged a handover ceremony of a 2-room preschool, hand wash facility and schooling materials for children in Phnom Khchorng Village, Prasat Phnom Khchorng Commune, Kampong Trach District, Kampot Province. The ceremony was presided by Mr. Um Sinat, Chair of District Governor Committee of Kampong Trach District and Mr. Chan Mach, CEO of KREDIT Microfinance institution. Local authorities, villagers, and children also happily attended.

The preschool was built in the campus of Prasat Phnom Khchorng primary school with a fund support about USD10,000 from KREDIT and contribution from community. The preschool will allow small children to learn how to play in a community: knowing new friends, playing as group, and culture of sharing. More than that, the preschool will also allow children to learn on thinking via different materials/items available in the room. Preschool is really an important occasions that help children to be familiar for their primary school. It should be updated that till now more than 10 preschools were built under the support from KREDIT.

Mr. Chan Mach said that “we recognize the benefits of education and KREDIT has built and supported similarly constructions and materials in many different places nationwide. We encourage all families to send their children to school so that they have chance to build their bright future.”

Mr. Um Sinat thanked to KREDIT for the support and he continued that the construction will benefit much to small children around. He added that this is a good model that KREDIT has done to help our country.

It should be highlighted that KREDIT is one of Cambodian leading microfinance institutions and as Aug 2017, KREDIT, operating in 20/25 provinces has a total  asset  of USD205.97million, loan outstanding USD170.62million and amount saving collected is USD91.16million. Beside varieties of financial services, KREDIT sets a side 5-10% of the company net profit to implement community different development programs, including but not limited to training on family financial management, practical agriculture training, parenting training, well digging, etc.


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