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Your continuous support encourages us to put more commitment to study, develop, modify and provide a broader range of products and services to market. We really appreciate your support. Even though our staff works to the best of their abilities, we believe that there is always room for improvement. Our in-house research team conducts many different research projects to determine your level of satisfaction and implement new ideas from both you and our staff to improve our products and services. Your feedback on our products and services is very important to us. You can provide comments directly to KREDIT via phone: 023 930 000 or 089 989 818 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With support from you as our clients, we has expanded their operating outreach non- stop from year to year and we believe with the support we will be able to supplement our service throughout the country with many more new products and services to provide greater benefits to our/their clients, the community, and our country as whole.

As a result from our products and services, many business and jobs in a variety of fields have been created not only for our clients but also our client's workers. Different studies conducted internally and externally show a positive impact from our work performances: client's standard of living improved, savings increased, household conditions improved, improved childhood education, etc.

For those who are considering our services, please visit our nearest office. Our staff will warmly welcome you and provide you with a detailed explanation of our products and services. You can also make a phone call to one of our above phone lines.

In addition to the products and services provided, KREDIT is also concerned with Client Protection Principles to ensure strong ethics and smart business operations.

Testimonies (in their own words)
From Clients
“I am really satisfied with KREDIT: loan with reasonable interest rate and so friendly staff, easy to access” said by both Mr. Sek Chenda and Mr. Koy Saran, KREDIT’s clients from Svay Rieng Province “KREDIT helped many different social programs in my areas. For myself, I learnt agriculture training supported by KREDIT. I have practiced what I learnt and now I am successful in animal raising. I wish KREDIT further success.”

From Proximity, Myanmar
“KREDIT is very organized and methodical about what they do. Policies and procedures are clear and that allows staff and clients to understand what they are doing and what is expected of them. All the staff who presented to us were very informed and experienced in their fields. Also most of them are good trainers.” “We got to learn much from them about how they have grown and what sort of challenges they faced. Having heard about all those could prepare, Proximity in terms of what to expect and what the possible solutions are. So overall, it was an informative trip and the lessons learned from that trip can be applied here at Proximity”

From Senior Child Education Trainer
People said to me “You will never ever change people’s mindset towards raising their children”. This is what I was made to believe since I first joined the mission with KREDIT for their Child Education Project. However, one thing that kept me moving despite little inspiration was that I was abused emotionally and physically just like those children, and then I grew up as an adult who learnt that it happened because there was no one who ever told my parents a better way to raise me well. I would like to emphasize that it was because they did not know; not because they did not want to treat me better. Unavoidably, it produced consequences, which I grew up as an emotionally suffering person. Hence, I don’t want to give any parents an excuse to let their children experienced those difficult things; I need to at least get them known.

I started the journey with KREDIT since 2011 and with their greatest support, I get the exact answer -- the reality is that the parents in the communities also love and want the best for their children like every parents do. They were inspired by our new ways of teaching, disciplining, modeling, and protecting their children. For me, I am more than happy to do both: to contribute the little knowledge and skill to benefit those innocents and to get myself healed and restored along the journey. I finally found that those whispers in my ears were right too. In fact, I was not able to change people mindset; I just helped add more things they had missed, and the reward I always chase for is the smile on their children’s faces.

Statement from CAFE Program
CAFE (Consumer Awareness and Financial Empowerment) is an innovative initiative implemented in Cambodia through a partnership between Good Return, Cambodia Microfinance Association and several of its members. Its goal is to strengthen the relationship between financial service providers and their clients.

KREDIT Microfinance is putting clients at the center of its work through its ongoing investment in the CAFE initiative. KREDIT now boasts a team of 8 highly trained and motivated financial education coaches. These 8 trainers receive capacity building from CMA and Good Return in the latest training methodologies, designed to encourage strong financial behaviors in low-income clients.
KREDIT’s trainers study the psychology behind an individual’s behavior. They understand that our financial decisions can often be irrational and out of line with our financial goals and best interests. These trainers coach KREDIT clients to be more mindful about the influences on their financial decisions (whether it is an unpleasant past experience, lack of information or confidence, or cultural or peer pressure). Being more mindful allows consumers to exercise greater control and confidence when faced with making financial decisions.

CAFE is not just innovative for its focus on behavior, there is also a strong focus on the application of technology. KREDIT trainers access eLearning via their tablets, supporting their professional development and continually assessing their capacity to deliver effective training and coaching. The learners, who are considered the poorest and most vulnerable of KREDIT’s clients, also use app-based technology during each session to register their attendance and answer questions on their attitudes and behavior.Most of these learners have never used an app or a tablet before CAFE. After completing the program 72% of learners felt confident with the CAFE.apptechnology and an incredible 83% felt a lot more confident with technology in general. This is a huge achievement that will help these individuals to confidently engage in the formal economy.

An evaluation of CAFE showed that when compared to clients surveyed from neighboring communities, CAFE learners outperformed their counterparts in grasping basic financial knowledge, practicing good money management, being confidence in money matters and having better subjective financial wellbeing.

KREDIT’s commitment to CAFE is part of its broader commitment to delivering responsible and inclusive financial services to Cambodians. The CAFE curriculum is influenced by the Smart Campaign’s client protection principles. Good Return is also proud to have supported KREDIT to achieve the distinguished award of Smart Certification and we are proud to continue supporting KREDIT on the CAFE initiative.

From one of CAFE Trainee
“I am interested in topics on Debt Reduction, Fraud and Scam and Communication with MFI. These content helps keep myself and family away from fraud and scam and it is easy for me to learn to make good decision or choose the right products. Moreover it helps my family to save and follow the golden rule.”