Phnom Penh- 10 July 2018- KREDIT is one of leading Micro Finance Institute in Cambodia has announced today on its new campaign called “Auto Reward for Depositor Program” which is available at its 83 offices in 20 provinces nationwide.

Auto Reward for Depositors is an instant reward offering to the customer who opened Term Deposit with KREDIT. The rewards included iPhone 7 Plus, rice cookers, refrigerators, TVs, fan, and others.

Mr. Kheng Tilen, KREDIT’s Chief Business Officer said, “Developing the service for our valuable customers are an essential performance carried out regularly. The program not only aim to increase deposit collection but also to provide more value-added on existing benefits of highest interest rate, fast service, safe, trust, and going back home with the reward as a souvenir” he added.

The program will start from 10 July to 11 October 2018 or until out of stock. All terms and conditions are applied.


KREDIT is one of the largest microfinance institutions in Cambodia established by World Relief US in 1993. In the result of support and trust from clients, KREDIT has been developing spread its own operation outreach to the rural area with totally 83 offices in 20 provinces. Shareholders are Phillip Capital from Singapore and World Relief Corporation from the USA.

At the end of 2017, KREDIT has the total asset of more than of US$221 million, with professional and commitment staff 1,662. It has also won recognition awards and supports from some of its partners. KREDIT has also set aside of their 5-10% yearly profit for community development program within the country.

Auto Reward For Depositor

We are pleased to introduce our TVC of Auto Rewards for Depositors

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