Obtained Licenses


Awards from CGAP

Since became a licensed microfinance institution in May 2004, KREDIT has continued its growth very fast in terms of loan outstanding, operating areas, and numbers of clients while keeping very high quality of loan. It also continues improving in efficiency, outreach, products and services development, technologies and staff capacity building. This improvement is evidenced by successfully localized management and outstanding financial performance ratios, including less PAR 30+, high return on equity, average outstanding/credit officers, annual average operational self sufficiency. Have seen this great performance, CGAP has issued Merit Awards for 2 years in a row, 2005 and 2006 on financial transparency to KREDIT. CGAP selected and gave these Awards to only a few MFIs among MFIs in the globe. National Bank of Cambodia also recently granted Micro Deposit Taking Institution License (MDI license) to KREDIT. So now in addition to varieties of loan products, KREDIT also can mobilize savings and perform local money transfer to the public.

Award from KIVA

Award from Seal of pricing transparency

Award from Singapore


Award from Mix Market